Trademark Usage Guidelines

Our Trademark Usage Guidelines seek to make it easy for our Community to use Mycroft, while protecting the Community, and company, against malicious parties.

Joshua MontgomeryCo-Founder, Mycroft AI


  1. The Mycroft ecosystem has an active, engaged and highly valued Community. We want to make it as easy as possible for the Mycroft Community to contribute to the Mycroft ecosystem and to help spread and improve Mycroft, and its benefits as an open source voice assistant.
  2. We want to make it clear how businesses and projects that use Mycroft may, and may not, use the Mycroft name and logo.
  3. We want to make it difficult for malicious parties to use the Mycroft name and/or logo to unfairly profit from, trick or confuse people who are looking for official Mycroft software, resources and Community touch points. By doing so we protect the Mycroft brand, and the value of the entire ecosystem.

List of WordMarks and Trademarks

Mycroft AI
Mycroft Mark I
Mycroft Mark II
Mycroft Mark III
Mimic 1
Mimic 2
Mimic 3

Correct use of Mycroft WordMarks and Trademarks

Incorrect use Correct use
MyCroft Mycroft
My Croft Mycroft
Raspberry Picroft Picroft
Pycroft Picroft

List of logos

Mycroft logo


Adapt logo


Padatious logo


Mimic logo


OpenSTT logo


Precise logo


Picroft logo


Mark 1

Mark I

Mark II logo

Mark II

Mycroft – Type Form

Old deprecated Mycroft logo

Mycroft – deprecated logo

Uses that do not require approval

Discussing or describing Mycroft software, hardware, products or services

For example, you are allowed to discuss, compare or describe Picroft, or our consumer devices, in online forums, blogs, podcasts, vodcasts, chat groups or via mailing lists without seeking approval.

Jose posts a blog comparing Mycroft to other open source voice offerings. Jose does not need to get approval to use the Mycroft WordMark and Trademarks and/or logo in his blog post, as it is a descriptive blog post, and is non-commercial.

Promotion of general open source hardware and open source software meetups, hacker- and maker-space activities and other technical gatherings

For example, you are allowed to use the Mycroft WordMarks, Trademarks and logos in activities associated with open source community activities.

Nina is demonstrating Mycroft at her local hackerspace. Nina does not need approval to use the Mycroft WordMark and Trademarks in her demonstration, as it is related to open source hardware and software community activities and is non-commercial.

Social media collateral

Social media collateral such as imagery, may contain the Mycroft WordMarks, Trademarks and/or logo, as long as the social media context does not imply a commercial relationship with Mycroft AI Inc.

Janine writes a LinkedIn article about the surveillance state, and includes information on the privacy policies of several voice companies. She posts this to LinkedIn with a Mycroft logo as imagery. This is allowable as the social media context does not imply a commercial relationship with Mycroft AI Inc.

Printed collateral such as posters, promotional flyers and so on, may contain the Mycroft WordMarks, Trademarks and/or logo, as long as the printed collateral does not imply a commercial relationship with Mycroft AI Inc.

ACME Open Source Conference features the Mycroft AI CEO as a keynote speaker. The ACME Open Source Conference printed collateral features the Mycroft logo, as no commercial relationship with Mycroft AI Inc is implied.

3D printed collateral from Mycroft AI source files

Objects that are 3D printed from Mycroft AI source files do not require permission to use.. They may be sold commercially without requiring permission from Mycroft AI, Inc.

Helmut uses the Mark 1 hardware repository to download 3D files, and prints a Mark 1 enclosure on a 3D printer. He sells his prints commercially. This is allowable use.

Uses that do require approval

Products, services, reselling or other business which utilize Mycroft products or services

If you build products, services or other businesses on top of Mycroft, then you need approval to use the Mycroft WordMarks, Trademarks and logos. This may be provided under a Reseller Agreement.

Jarrah wishes to market a new product called “ACME Voice”. ACME Voice uses Mycroft software components, and Jarrah wishes to use the Mycroft WordMarks as part of the promotional material for ACME Voice. This is a commercial activity and permission is required. Mycroft AI Inc and Jarrah negotiate a Reseller Agreement, which includes permission for Jarrah to use the Mycroft WordMarks, Trademarks and Logo.

Using Mycroft WordMarks or Trademarks in a domain name

You cannot register a domain name where a significant proportion of the domain name is a Mycroft WordMark or Trademark.

Jane wishes to register the domain name and provide consultancy services for the Picroft platform. The domain name matches a Mycroft WordMark and cannot be registered without permission.

The production of t-shirts, stickers, plush toys and other promotional products requires permission.

Giovanna would like to print Mycroft Stickers for distribution at her hackerspace. This requires permission to be sought. Giovanna seeks permission and outlines how the stickers will be used, and permission is granted. Mycroft provides a high resolution file to Giovanna to assist with printing.

Prohibited uses

Deceptive and misleading conduct

You may not use a WordMark, Trademark or logo which is so similar to the Mycroft WordMarks, Trademark and/or logo that it may confuse or mislead people into thinking that your business, products or services are based on, or have a formal relationship with, Mycroft AI Inc.

The Mycroft WordMarks, Trademark and logo are the intellectual property of Mycroft AI Inc. You are not allowed to register names, logos or designs by themselves, or combined with other words, images or devices, as trademarks, copyright works or protected designs, or similar or analogous rights, anywhere in the world.

How to request approval to use the Mycroft WordMarks and Trademarks

Please send an email to, outlining:

  • You or your company’s details
  • The specific places, platforms, media or other channel in which you wish to use the Mycroft WordMark and/or Trademark
  • And an example representation of how you intend to use the Mycroft WordMark and/or Trademark

Mycroft AI Inc. will then consider your request and respond within 30 business days.

Help us protect Mycroft

As a member of the Mycroft Community, please keep an eye out for questionable uses of the Mycroft logo and Mycroft WordMarks. You can report potential misuse to We take each case seriously and if necessary will act on your report.

Please do not approach users of the trademarks with a complaint – that should be left to Mycroft. Thank you!