Summer Internships at

Mycroft AI

Who we are looking for

We are looking for ten intelligent, self-driven, and capable students to join our team this summer in Kansas City. If you are excited about voice technology and its future, you should apply to come work with us. Last year, we hired four of our interns full time.

software development and devops
Python, machine learning, automated testing, infrastructure management

Animation, visual design, voice user interface design, web design (WordPress)

marketing, business, operations
Copywriting, business analysis and reporting, supply chain and logistics

What is Mycroft

At Mycroft, we believe technology should adapt to us, not vice versa. That is why we are building an assistant you interact with naturally, just by using your voice. We are developing the world’s first open voice computing platform – think of Mycroft as the open source community’s answer to Siri or Alexa.

Step by step, we are engineering an AI for everyone, that can be run anywhere, and interact like a person. We feel honored and privileged to be a clear front runner in challenging the tech giants in the open source world.

Mycroft AI Inc. grew out of a simple challenge to build an open source voice technology to meet our needs. We realized we weren’t the only ones that wanted this, so in 2016 we tested the market by launching a Kickstarter campaign for the open voice assistant device, Mark I (in the picture). At the time this was the most successful Kickstarter ever to come out of Kansas, and we didn’t stop there. 

We assembled a team and grew a developer community that have made huge contributions to the open source world in terms of voice technology. Recently, we wrapped up another successful Kickstarter campaign where we met our goal within 7 hours of launch. Additionally, we have raised over 2 million dollars from the venture community to help fuel our mission.

What to expect

Yes, these are all paid internships. For students from out of town we will also provide housing and basic transportation.

Plexpod, Kansas City, MO

internship period
Internships generally start when school is over and end when you go back to school. We will be flexible with your school and other schedules.   

The internship is designed to be strictly hands on. You will be doing meaningful work directly affecting the users and the product. You will be pushing code to production, you will be impacting how people interact with the technology, you will be working on systems that are visible to our entire community across the globe.

Expect guidance and mentorship, but no hand holding. Some tasks will require you to work independently, on some tasks you will work as part of a team. You will have direct access to company leadership and will be exposed to cutting edge technology such as machine learning and voice user interface.

Show up on time, ready to work, and expect to stay late. If you can’t handle that, please don’t apply! We are looking for people committed to building this technology. On the other hand, don’t expect the summer internship to be an office-only affair too!

How to apply

We’re not currently taking internship applications but check back for Summer 2019.

We’re leaving this page up so you know what to expect.

2. Contribute! At Mycroft, we have found the best way for you to understand us, and for us to understand you, is to contribute. Apply first — then build a simple skill, review documentation and submit changes, send us something value added on marketing, design a wireframe for a Mycroft app, or create an animation for Mark II’s screen.

Just get involved and be part of the community and show us how us you’re not just applying to another company. Send the contributions straight to and make sure you let us know you are an intern applicant by including “Summer Internship 2018” in the subject. Good luck!