Mycroft Mark II

The Mark II is a state-of-the-art, privacy-respecting smart speaker designed for you and your family, from kids to grandparents. At the same time, it is open hardware and software for developers and makers.

The Mark II provides a great voice experience without sacrificing privacy.


Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB

The same genuine Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB used in the Mark II. Available now for a limited time.


Mycroft and the Patent Trolls

A harrowing tale of knights and heroes fighting for truth and justice. Mycroft and the Patent Trolls addresses a complex topic in an accessible and fanciful way.

Full of beautiful illustrations and a compelling story, this book is a must-have for any parent who wants to teach their children about the world of innovation.

Available in paperback or as a digital download

Mycroft Mark 1

Designed to be extended, altered, modified, and hacked. This flexible device will voice-enable your life.

Use Mark I to answer questions, control your loT devices, drive a stereo system, or build a robot!

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