Patent Defense Fund

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Over the past XX months Mycroft and individual members of our team have been targeted by what’s known as a Non-Practicing Entity – someone who files or purchases patents of anything they can get approved, in order to sue people who are actually creating value in society. From the beginning Mycroft took a strong stance that we would not bow down to bullies, and would fight the case all the way to the Supreme Court. You can read the progression of the story on our blog.

We have been humbled by the outpouring of support from the open source community over this time. A lot of these included offers to contribute to a Patent Defense Fund. As the case rolls through it’s second year, we are taking you up on the offer.

Contributions to the Patent Defense Fund will be used to defend Mycroft against these ridiculous claims and to invalidate baseless patents so they can’t be used against other projects. We will also be asking the court to recover all legal expenses incurred from the Patent Aggressor. Any contributions remaining once legal expenses have been recovered will be donated to {TBD} to fund the defense of other open source projects and invalidate similarly stupid patents.

Any amount is warmly welcomed, and all contributions will be publicly acknowledged on our website grouped by the level of contribution. If the contribution should be attributed to a company, please ensure you add this to the Company name field during checkout. Of course attribution is not required.


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