Mycroft Mark 1

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Mark I is an advanced prototype for developers, hackers and hobbyists alike.

Composed of open software and hardware, this customizable device will voice enable your life.

Use Mark 1 to answer questions, control your IoT devices, drive a stereo system, or build a robot! The possibilities are endless.

Customizing is easy, we have a forum and community chat to help!

Tech Specs:

What does the Mycroft Unit Include?

  • Raspberry Pi 3; built-in speaker
  • RCA audio output ports
  • 8×32 LED display
  • Dual NeoPixel “eyes”
  • Built-in WiFi (802.11B/G/N)
  • 10/100 Ethernet port, HDMI debug port, 4 USB ports, 40 pin GPIO connector,
  • Integrated Arduino Mini
  • Enclosure with side-mount ports
  • US Power Adapter

NOTE: The 40-pin connector has a different pinout than a Raspberry Pi. The Pi’s built-in Bluetooth is also disabled.