Mark II Dev Kit


The Mark II Dev Kit is currently sold out.
You can still reserve your production Mark II with a small $1 deposit.

The Mark II Dev Kit is an open and extensible prototyping and development platform. It provides the technical specifications of the Mycroft Mark II in an accessible form factor to speed up technical evaluation, software development, and hardware prototyping for your next project.

The Mark II is our next-generation smart speaker designed for you and your family, whatever your level of technical expertise. It provides state of the art features like far-field array microphones, active noise cancellation, and a bright screen to display important information. It also sounds great, filling your room with vivid highs and deep lows.

At the same time, it is open hardware and software for developers, makers and hackers. The Mycroft Mark II smart speaker is an open solution for individuals and companies who want to deploy voice technology, but don’t want to be in orbit around Silicon Valley.  Our technology can be run on premises and provides a great voice experience without sacrificing privacy.


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What’s in the Box?

Your Dev Kit includes:

  • 1x Raspberry Pi 4 2GB
  • 1x Mycroft Audio Pi Hat (SJ201)
  • 2x Tymphany Peerless speaker drivers
  • 1x Acoustic audio chamber
  • 1x 4.3” LCD display
  • 1x DSI display cable
  • 1x 5MP camera module
  • 3x Heat sinks
  • 1x 40mm speed-controlled fan
  • 1x Laser cut enclosure
  • 1x Power supply (international plugs included)
  • 1x 16GB USB flash drive
  • All screws, nuts, threaded inserts

Mycroft Audio Pi Hat (SJ201)

The SJ201 is a daughter board that interfaces directly to the Raspberry Pi 4 via the 40-pin GPIO. It includes a microphone array with hardware audio input processing to provide active Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), a high-quality audio output amplifier, as well as LEDs and hardware inputs for non-voice interaction and feedback. The SJ201 also provides a single power source to all Mark II components.

SJ201 Major Components:

  • Audio Front End (XMOS XVF-3510) – for Microphone input processing
  • I2S to Line Out (UDA1334ATS)
  • 23W Amplifier (Texas Instruments TAS5806)
  • 2x Digital MEMS Microphones (ST Micro MP34DT05)
  • 12x RGB LEDs (WorldSemi WS2812B-MINI)
  • 3x Momentary buttons (volume up, volume down, action)
  • 1x Toggle switch (mic mute)

Development Optimized Laser Cut Enclosure

If you’re looking at the Dev Kit, we’re pretty confident you like tinkering with things. If you’re anything like us, you might have a number of projects on the go at any one time, and a desk littered with PCBs, components and tools. Or you like to keep it neat and tidy, where everything has its place. Either way, a simple enclosure that has been optimized for development is a great addition.

The Dev Kit enclosure is an 8-piece laser cut acrylic housing. It keeps everything safely and securely in place, cleaning up the clutter and protecting your components. As a bonus it comes with a 40mm cooling fan to keep everything running at peak performance.

Acoustic audio chamber

The Mark II speakers are top-of-the-line Tymphany drivers. The speaker drivers however are only one component of great audio. To produce high quality sound you need the right enclosure, and for that we have designed an acoustic audio chamber specially for the Mark II. 

Camera module

As a special bonus, we decided to include a camera module in every Dev Kit. This is a 5MP camera capable of 2592 x 1944 pixel static images, and video at 1080p30, 720p60 and 640x480p60/90.

It’s also completely optional for your build – you can add or remove it from your Dev Kit as you like. You can also re-use it in another project.