Privacy Notice

Last Updated: July 27, 2015

Mycroft A.I. is an open source initiative focused on making artificial intelligence accessible to everyone. To do this the company makes use of a variety of technologies including cloud computing. As with any cloud service, the information you share is stored on Internet connected equipment. We know that our users care about how their information is accessed, used and shared and we look forward to earning your trust. This notice describes our privacy policy as it relates to both our web presence and the Mycroft A.I. voice service.

By using a Mycroft unit, visiting our website or using one of our apps you are accepting the practices described in the Privacy Notice.

Your Personal Information – What Mycroft Gathers

We receive and store any information you enter on our website, using one of our apps or through the Mycroft voice command application. This includes the commands you enter, the pages you visit and any customer information you enter into our data systems. We primarily use this information to improve our services.

Mycroft also receives and stores automatic information when you interact with our services. We store your IP address, the referring page and information on how you interact with the controls of our website, apps and voice software.

How Mycroft AI shares information is not in business to share personal information about users of the website, apps or voice command software. The company does, however, use the information it receives to better understand users intents, fulfill user requests and perform normal business functions.

The company does not pass personal information to unaffiliated businesses that are not under its control, but does use unaffiliated application interfaces (APIs) and services to evaluate user input and parse data on user’s behalf. Mycroft AI does not have control over these external APIs and makes no warranties as to how this information is used.

Mycroft does use third party service providers for a variety of functions which are performed on our behalf. These providers perform tasks from shipping and handling to weather prediction. During the course of normal business, your information may be transferred to one of these providers for the purpose of fulfilling a voice transaction or a normal business function.

As Mycroft develops as a company we may sell or buy technologies, companies or business units. In these transactions information about our customers is likely to be one of the business assets transferred, but remains subject to any promises made in any prior Privacy Notice. Should Mycroft AI or all of its assets be acquired customer information is likely to be one of the assets transferred.

Mycroft AI will comply with the law and will release your personal information if compelled by law enforcement. Mycroft AI may also exchange your information with third parties to prevent fraud or otherwise protect you, our company or the broader internet. This includes information about network activity which might be considered malicious.

Unless it is included above, you will receive notice when information about you goes to a third party and will have the opportunity to choose not to share the information.

Securing Your Information takes significant steps to secure your personal information including the use of strong encryption and the use of security best practices.

Mycroft’s cloud software is installed on devices that are regularly updated and patched. The company’s IT team monitors access and security logs and takes reasonable precautions when developing software systems.

That said, security is a process. The company will continue to make every effort to secure your information while still keeping the website, apps and voice command software useable.

Accessing Your Data

The Mycroft application contains a history of your requests and Mycroft’s responses. You may access or delete any or all of this information using our website, apps or the Mycroft voice command software.

You may also access your user profile where basic information like your name, address and other personally identifiable information are stored.

Can Children Access Mycroft AI

Creating a Mycroft account requires users to be at least 13 years old. Children under 13 who use a Mycroft system should do so with adult supervision.

Our Cookies

The Mycroft website and apps use cookies to maintain session state, keep track of users across applications and store information required for the operation of the service.

Choosing What Information is Received and Stored

Mycroft AI only receives and stores the information you give it. You can always make a choice not to provide information to the website, apps or voice command software. If you do not want to receive e-mail, promotional materials or other mail from us you can adjust your communications preferences using our customer portal.