Mycroft Enterprise Partnerships

Bring your enterprise into the Mycroft ecosystem

smart devices
Embed Mycroft software into your devices and they will automatically sync with other Mycroft devices to extend your customers’ AI-enabled environment.

Support any existing IoT device with a software Skill that runs on any Mycroft-enabled device.

Add your services and content to Mycroft’s Premium subscription offerings to expand your customer base and enhance your current customers’ experience.

Bring Mycroft into your enterprise setting

With Mycroft, your assistant matches your brand with custom voices. Deploy a custom voice strategy that matches your brand or your customer’s.

Don’t play by the rules of Big Tech – control your data and your experience with Mycroft. Don’t build a skill that promotes your competitor’s ecosystems, reach your customers directly.

Our open frameworks mean that your team can easily deploy your assistant across devices and add new skills to suit your needs.

Where can Mycroft run?

Run the entire voice stack offline with a GPU and moderate computing power. Meet compliance and limit latency.

on premise
Host Mycroft in your data center to deploy securely across a corporate campus or building. Only reach out to external services you choose.

Take advantage of Mycroft in the cloud to deploy quickly and easily to connected devices.

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