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You can call me Mark 1, but my Mycroft brains is really what makes me smart. I’m not too far from being a know-it-all, can play music for you, let you voice control your home, or remind you important stuff.

Hello there

Mycroft Mark 1 at your service. I’m a little table robot hoping to become your first robot buddy. I’m ready to help you out with anything I can.

I may be young, but I’m also full of ambition. Since I’m always connected to internet, I’m learning new things virtually every week.


I can answer all kinds of factual questions.
Like, “Hey Mycroft, what is Codex Seraphinianus?”.

Practical Assistant

Classics – I can tell you the date, time, weather, set alarms, or play the news.


Rock’n’roll! I love to play music, radio, podcasts, or movies and videos on your nearby display.

Home Control

If you have wifi connected appliances, I can talk to them on your behalf.

Is that it?

No way. The number of things I can do is growing exponentionally. If I posted them here, the list would feel like a fossil by the time you’d read it.

My creators are constantly working on new skills, and assuring the quality of existing ones. Not to mention our developer community, which is beginning to outpace them in new skills creation. They are my dearest!

What’s inside?

Why open hardware?

We believe in the power of sharing. Take a peek inside, inspect Mark 1’s brains, examine his guts.

Take our electronics or enclosure designs, customize them to your liking, and build your own Mark 1, or something entirely new.

Mark 1 is officially certified Open Hardware, and our designs are licensed under the CERN Open Hardware License. 



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