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Raspberry Pi logo for PiCroft

Picroft for Raspberry Pi

The Picroft project is an enclosure for a Raspberry Pi connected to a speaker and USB microphone, built around a Raspbian Jessie Lite installation.

The  project is available as a micro-SD image ready to be burned and placed into a Raspberry Pi 3 (older Raspberry Pi models aren't powerful enough to run Mycroft).

Tux Penguin Logo

Mycroft Core for Linux

Build Mycroft for your favourite Linux distro, including

  • Ubuntu/Debian
  • Arch
  • Docker
  • Fedora

Requires basic shell scripting knowledge.

android logo

Mycroft Core for Android

Build Mycroft for Android, in Android Studio, and deploy to your Android devices.

Using this platform requires knowledge of Android Studio and deploying to Android devices from Android Studio.

No .apk is available yet, but we're hoping to have one available soon.

Mycroft for Windows and Mac

We're not quite ready to release Mycroft for Windows and Mac Desktops.

In the meantime, how about you join us on our Community Forums, or on our Mattermost Chat and learn more about Mycroft?
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Mark 1 Reference Hardware

Designed to be extended, altered, modified, and hacked. This flexible device will voice-enable your life. Use Mark I to answer questions, control your loT devices, drive a stereo system, or build a robot!