How can I help?

Mycroft is a collaborative project and we want your help to shape it!

There are so many ways you can contribute depending on your skills, interests, and availability:

talk icon

I can talk and listen!

If you can speak or listen, you can help!  We are working with Mozilla to build DeepSpeech, an open speech to text technology that can understand your voice.

Today, you can go to the Common Voice website and start talking or validating what other people have said.  It really is quick and easy to help whenever you have a couple free minutes, wherever you are.

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I can speak another language!

Mycroft has been built in English, but support for other languages is baked in.  You can:

  1. Translate mycroft-core dialog resources
  2. Translate Skill dialog and vocabulary
  3. Work on language-specific code
  4. In the near future we’ll start collecting voices in other languages so we can build speech to text for everyone!
html developer

I can code!

The possibilities for Mycroft are endless, and you are welcome to experiment and try whatever you can imagine.  Look at the Skills others have made and build your own Skill.

We also have lots of specific things we know are needed yet in the core technology.  Browse the Core Projects and jump in when you find something that interests you!


Tell us how you would like to participate!