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voice is happening now

➞ How will your customers interact with you in the future? Using voice.
➞ How will your customers interact with service agents? Using voice.
➞ How will your potential customers find you? Using voice.
But the key companies in this space – Big Tech – are building voice on their terms, for their goals.

mycroft is better

Mycroft offers a brandable, open source voice stack that can be integrated into your enterprise offering – automotive, elder care, corporate, or industrial settings. Mycroft is data private and independent from incumbents. The elements of our voice stack – Wake Word, Speech-to-Text, Skills, Text-to-Speech and the platform – are easily integrated into other offerings.

channel partnerships available

Are you a technology reseller or managed service provider looking for a voice offering in your portfolio? We’re now able to work in partnership with you to offer your clients access to the Mycroft enterprise offering, with different service levels available to meet your particular needs and vertical markets.


New to the world of voice? Read our Introductory Whitepaper to learn about the voice technology stack.

The open assistant to match your brand

With Mycroft, your assistant matches your brand with custom voices. Deploy a custom voice strategy that matches your brand or your customer’s.

Don’t play by the rules of Big Tech – control your data and your experience with Mycroft. Don’t build a skill that promotes your competitor’s ecosystems, reach your customers directly.

Our open frameworks mean that your team can easily deploy your assistant across devices and add new skills to suit your needs.

Where can Mycroft run?

Run the entire voice stack offline with a GPU and moderate computing power. Meet compliance and limit latency.

on premise
Host Mycroft in your data center to deploy securely across a corporate campus or building. Only reach out to external services you choose.

Take advantage of Mycroft in the cloud to deploy quickly and easily to connected devices.

What are some examples?

Embed an assistant into your vehicle to do more than just stream music. Control body components, check system statuses, and add info from the vehicle to systems like navigation.

white label
Take our software, hardware, and backend services and deploy them as your own end-to-end assistant.

Control machinery, access data, and voice enable your spaces without sending anything outside your firewall.

Mycroft Enterprise Developer Kit

Technology reseller or larger corporate group? We’ve put together a Mycroft Enterprise Developer Kit to help your in-house technical team evaluate the Mycroft voice stack for your enterprise or organization.

The Mycroft Enterprise Developer Kit (MED Kit) gives you the ability to run the entire Mycroft stack locally, test deployments to multiple endpoints, and train new Precise Wake Words and Mimic TTS Voices. The Enterprise Developer Kit is a perfect solution for enterprises who want to deploy a self-hosted or offline Mycroft assistant or channel partners who will build custom assistants for their clients. The MED Kit is a machine learning workstation pre-loaded with the latest Mycroft assistant, Mycroft’s machine learning frameworks, quality offline Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech models in English (other languages available with 120-day lead time), and the powerful Tartarus backend for managing devices, user accounts, and outside services. We include a USB microphone for testing and a far-field microphone array board for prototyping.

The MED Kit includes three months of support to help jumpstart your company’s voice efforts, along with one year of software updates and a one year hardware warranty.

It includes 2 high-end GPUs, built for rapid speech processing and machine learning.

The MED Kit workstation is developer-grade machine learning rig including:

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Core i7 Processor
  • 2× 1080 TI GPUs
  • 64 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1 TB SSD + 2 TB HDD
  • USB Microphone
  • Far-Field Mic Array Dev Board
  • Conical Speakers

The MEDKit is priced at $12,500 and requires a 3-week lead time. Inquire below to order yours.

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