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Preparing your Skill for submission to the Mycroft Skills Repo

NOTE: To make Skill subsmission to the Mycroft Skills Repo a lot easier, we now recommend the Mycroft Skills Kit

It’s important that you prepare your Skill for submission to the Mycroft Skills Repo so that:

  • Your Skill can easily be reviewed by the Skill Management Team
  • Your Skill is added in a way that allows dependencies to be managed
  • Your Skill is well documented for people who may wish to use it.

Generate a file for your Skill

First, you need to generate the file for your Skill using the Meta Editor. Fill out all the relevant fields, and it will generate the Markdown to put into your file. Save your file.

NOTE: This following sections of documentation assume that you have set up a remote for your Git repository. If you have been developing locally, please pause here, and push your local development to a remote repository on GitHub. New to working with remotes? Here’s a handy guide.

Add a Git submodule for your Skill

Next we need to add the Submodule for your Skill. For more help on Submodules in GitHub, feel free to check out this guide

Or, type the following in the terminal, assuming you are in the directory where you cloned


git submodule add $remote $name-your-skill

where $remote is the git address for your repo [example] ( and $name-your-skill is the name you have given to your Skill. In general, we normally use BLANK-skill as a format for Skill names.

This should have edited the


file and added something similar to the bottom of the file:

+[submodule "NAME OF YOUR SKILL"]
 +  path = name-of-your-skill-skill
 +  url = URL.FOR.YOUR.SKILL.git

Submit a PR (Pull Request) in GitHub to have your Skill listed

Next, we need to submit a Pull Request (PR) in GitHub to have your Skill listed.

  • Ensure that you have done a git commit for all your files, and that you have done a git push -u origin master so that your local files have been pushed to your GitHub repository.
  • Next, go to the GitHub repo for your Skill. Click the ‘New Pull Request’ button as shown in the image below.

Raising a Pull Request in GitHub

  • You will need to choose which repositories to compare and create a PR from. This will usually be MycroftAI/mycroft-skills/master and YourGitHubUsername/mycroft-skills/master
  • When you create a PR, you will be presented with a PR template to fill in. This helps to make sure that your Skill is ready for submission. It will look like this:
        ## Description:
        Short description of your skill and what it does
        ## Checklist:
            - [ ] Used [Meta Editor]( to generate the skill README
            - [ ] Skill has been tested and works
            - [ ] Read and verified approval process - (Can require a community member vouching for skill)
            - [ ] .gitmodules has been updated with the following:
        +[submodule "NAME OF YOUR SKILL"]
        +   path = name-of-your-skill-skill
        +   url = URL.FOR.YOUR.SKILL.git
  • Fill in the PR template and submit your PR.

There are two continuous integration (CI) tools that Mycroft uses, and these CI tools will automatically trigger when you submit your PR:

  • Codacy for test coverage
  • TravisCI for Python code linting

The most common issue reported by the CI tools are PEP8 code linting failures. It’s a good idea to run your Python code through a PEP8 checker before submitting your PR.

MSM Compliance

To make your skill capable of being installed via MSM (the Mycroft Skill Manager) you need two additional files.

  • requirements.txt

requirements.txt is a list of all pip libraries your skill needs (if any). is a shell script that executes and installs package dependencies your Skill needs (if any).
So, if you need a specific pip library installed, like gensim, you can have it automatically installed in the correct vm using msm.

This requirements.txt file would look like this:


What happens next?

The Skills Management Team will review your PR, and check the Python code in your Skill for any obvious errors or red flags. If they’re comfortable, your Skill will be merged into the Mycroft Skills Repo. They may make suggestions for enhancement, or request that you make alterations to your code before it is merged.

It’s also a good idea to announce that you have a Skill PR waiting in the Skills Channel on Mattermost.

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