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Mycroft Skills


Skills provide Mycroft with functionality. Skills are what allow Mycroft to tell you the weather in your location, display the time in another timezone, play you a song or tell you a Chuck Norris joke.

Mycroft determines what Skill should handle an Utterance by using an intent parser like Adapt( or Padatious to identify the intent of the user. For instance, if the intent parser determines that the user is asking about the weather, then Mycroft will pass the intent data to the Weather Skill.

Mycroft comes with several Skills built in. These are called core skills. It is easy to add more Skills to Mycroft.

Skills are developed both by Mycroft.AI staff, as well as our Developer Community. Management of Skills - comprising activities such as code review, skill planning and Skill security - has been delegated to the Skills Management Team. The Skills Management Team is made up of both Mycroft.AI staff and experienced members of the Developer Community, ensuring that Mycroft's product development remains firmly focussed on community needs.

If you want to develop new Skills for Mycroft, you will need to know the Python programming language, as all Skills are developed in Python.

Core Skills

The table below shows the core Skills installed with Mycroft by default, and how to trigger them.

Skill Name Description
"handled phrases"
AIML Fallback AIML skill by JarbasAI
Alarm Alarm
Audio Record Record and Play Audio
Configuration Update Mycroft configuration
"configuration update"
Date Time Tell the date or time
"what time is it"
Desktop Launcher Open Applications on Desktop
"open firefox"
DuckDuckGo Query DuckDuckGo for general questions
"what is frankenstein"
Hello World Hello world and Mycroft manners
"how are you"
IP Check the device's IP Address
"what is your ip address"
Joke Tell jokes
"tell me a joke"
Installer Install skills
"install daily meditation"
"uninstall skill"
Mark-1 Demo Demonstration of Mark 1
Media Multimedia Control
"play", "pause", "next track"
Naptime Put Mycroft to sleep
"go to sleep"
NPR News Listen to the news from NPR
"stop news"
Pairing Pair Mycroft with
"pair my device"
Personal Learn about Mycroft
"what are you"
Playback Control Control audio subsystem
Reminder Reminders to do something
"remind me to turn off the oven in 5 minutes"
Speak Repeat anything
"say open source AI"
Singing Sing some Songs
"sing a song"
Stock Stock prices
"stock price of google"
Stop Stop running skills
Version Checker Find the version of mycroft-core
"check version"
Volume Increases or Decreases/Mutes Volume
"reduce volume"
Weather Current Weather and Forecasts
"what is the weather"
Wiki Wikipedia queries
"tell me about AI"
Platform Patch Patching for official platforms
"platform patch"

Community Developed Skills

The table of Skills below have all been contributed by the Developer Community. Some of them are experimental, so a Status has been included so you know how mature the Skill is.

Community Developed Skills status meaning

:heavy_check_mark: good working order
construction: still being developed and not ready for general use (for reference/collaboration)
question: untested (by us)
skull: Broken, but good for ideas!
Status Skill Name Description
"phrase to trigger"
:question: amarok-media-player-skill Player controls for the Amarok Media Player
"amarok play/stop/next/previous music"
:question: angry-beanie-podcast-player Skill for querying and playing Angry Beanie Podcasts
"Get Angry Beanie shows"
:heavy_check_mark: autogui-skill Manipulate your mouse and keyboard with Mycroft
:question: audio-control-plasma Audio control for Plasma Desktop
"increase volume to maximum", "decrease microphone to minimum volume"
:heavy_check_mark: basichelp Get basic mycroft questions and help answered
"where is the documentation", "how do I install from source"
:question: bioinformatics Adds Bio-Linux Commands to Mycroft
:question: bitcoin Check the price of bitcoin
:construction: bitcoin-price Checks the price of bitcoin
:construction: brain-skill Chain intents and provide some services
:construction: skill-calculator Provides a conversational based calculator.
Do some math
:question: cbc-news-skill Fetches CBC News Podcast
:question: clarifai-image-recognition-skill Image recognition skill based on clarifai
"search image url [imagelocation]"
:question: clementine-player-skill Controls your clementine-player localy. A fork from amarok-player.
:question: cleverbot-skill cleverbot api fallback skill
:heavy_check_mark: coin-flip-skill Flip a virtual coin
:question: daily-meditation Plays your Daily Meditation from the Meditation Podcast
:construction: deepdream_skill Adds Deepdreaming image converstion to Mycroft
:question: diagnostics Diagnostic tools (CPU %age, free space, etc)
:construction: dice-roll Rolls dice spoken in RPG notation.
:question: domoticz_skill Skill integrating Mycroft with Domoticz
:question: drive_servos Control Hacked-Servo-Engines to make your mycroft move around
:heavy_check_mark: easter-eggs Pop culture references and other easter eggs
:question: earth-orbit-pic-skill Earth orbit picture skill
:skull: enhanced-bitcoin-skill Enhanced bitcoin skill from
:construction: facebook Generates posts for Facebook
:construction: facebook-marketing Works with Facebook Marketing API
:question: feedback-skill triggers positive feedback intent -> calls feedback method on last active skill
:question: fox-news-skill Fetches Fox News Podcast
:question: google-calendar Check and add google calendar events
:question: google-gmail Get emails from your Gmail Inbox
:question: google-image-search Search google images for search term and display
:question: google-translate Translate English phrases into other languages
:construction: gpio-example Example skill using the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi to blink an LED
:question: hue Control your Phillips Hue lights
:heavy_check_mark: home-assistant Control your devices in home-assistant
"turn on office"
:question: irsend Control devices via lirc's irsend
:question: jb-podcasts Play podcasts from Jupiter Broadcasting shows
:question: krunner-search Search local KDE desktop for files, images, recent documents, bookmarks
"search this computer for [any keyword]"
:question: kodi-cadair Kodi playback and search
:question: kodi-cbenning Control a local or remote Kodi instance
:question: kodi-k3yb0ardn1nja Play or pause a Kodi video
:question: let's-talk-skill More salutations
:question: lottery-skill Reads Euromillion Lottery Numbers
:question: media-console-control Adds media controls that are mapped to console commands
:question: metal-band-skill Recommends a metal band and gives basic information
:construction: milight Lighting control using MiLight
:question: mopidy Mopidy-based players for local music, Google Music, and Spotify
:construction: mopidy-and-bt-lights Remote control of BT lights and Mopidy music playback
:question: mopidy-media-player Mopidy-based players for local MP3 library, Spotify and a Swedish radio station's stream
:question: movie-recommendation-skill Recomends a movie
:heavy_check_mark: mp3-demo Simple sample of playing local MP3s
:question: mpd-control Controls media players that use the MPD protocol to play found local music
:question: mqtt Control IoT devices (home automation) using MQTT protocol
:question: mute-skill Mutes Mycroft until re-enabled
:question: nasa-picture-of-the-day Nasa picture of the day from the NASA API
:question: near-earth-orbit-skill Near Earth orbit alert skill via the NASA API
:construction: objective-skill skills can now register objectives almost the same has an intent would be registered with ObjectiveBuilder class
:construction: openhab-skill This skill adds Openhab support to Mycroft
:question: pandora-skill Adds Pandora to mycroft via Pianobar
:question: photolocation-skill Searches wikimedia for photos of location
:question: pickup-line-skill Responds with random nerdy pick-up lines
:heavy_check_mark: ping-skill Pings websites and responds with latency time
:question: plasma-activities-skill This skill integrates Plasma 5 Activities with Mycroft
"show activities / switch activity [name]"
:question: plasma-sendsms-skill Send SMS through KDE Plasma
"send a sms"
:question: plasma-user-control-skill This skills adds Plasma User control to Mycroft, allowing switch user, logout, and lock screen
"switch user/logout/lock screen"
:question: poetry-skill Reads poetry based on Hidden Markov Models
:question: proxy-scrape-skill Scrape proxies from the internet
:question: pushbullet Send messsages and photos using Pushbullet
:question: pushetta-skill Adds push notifications
:question: quodlibet Control Quod Libet music playback
:question: random-quote-skill Adds random quotes,random facts about numbers, and your time left to live
:question: ratp-timetables Access schedules for the RATP Network of trains and buses in Paris
:construction: read-article-skill Scrapes text from online articles and reads them to you.
:question: rss-skill Fetches from RSS feed
:construction: sentiment-analysis-skill Sentiment analysis
:question: spaceflight-schedule Check when the next space flight launch is
:heavy_check_mark: skill-radio-rne Spanish news radio Radio Nacional de Espa?a RNE.
:question: spacelaunch-skill Check when the next space launch is
:question: speedtest Run a speedtest
:question: slack-skill Allows to post and listen to Slack messages.
:question: sunspot-skill Answers questions on daily sunspots
:question: sun-skill Responds with sunrise and set times
:question: system-skill Adds system controls like shutdown and reboot
:question: take_picture Take Pictures using the Raspberry Pi Camera
:question: traffic-skill Gets the commute time from Google distance matrix api
:heavy_check_mark: twitter-skill Control twitter with mycroft
"How many twitter followers do I have"
:question: unsplash-wallpaper-plasma-skill Change KDE Desktop wallpaper by category type from unsplash
"change wallpaper type [natureabstractany]"
:construction: wallpaper-skill Downloads wallpapers from reddit and changes randomly
:question: wemo-skill Control Wemo devices with mycroft
:construction: wifi-management-skill Various options for interacting with WiFi
:construction: wink-smart-home Interact with lights via a Wink-hub
:question: wiki-fact-scraper-skill Scrapes for random facts from wikipedia and stores locally
:question: youtube Search and listen to a youtube video
:question: release-test test mycroft release
:heavy_check_mark: skill-caffeinewiz Provides the caffeine content of various drinks on request.
what's caffeine content of *drink*?

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