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Mycroft Skills Manager - msm

What is Mycroft Skills Manager - msm?

Mycroft Skills Manager (msm) is a command line tool used to add, manage and remove Skills on any Mycroft installation. It can install any Skill listed on the Mycroft Skills Repository. msm is a handy tool for Developers and those who may frequently reconfigure, install and uninstall Skills.

Using Mycroft Skills Manager - msm

NOTE: If you are using mycroft-core on Linux, then you will need to cd into mycroft-core/msm and call msm using ./msm [command]

To bring up a list of all available msm commands, SSH into your Device and then type msm -h:

$ msm -h
msm: Mycroft Skill Manager
usage: msm [option] [repo | name]

  default                  installs the default skills, updates all others
  install <repo>           installs from the specified github repo
  install <name> [name...] installs the mycroft-skill matching <name>
  remove <name> [name...]  removes the specified github repo
  list                     list all mycroft-skills
  update                   update all installed skills
  search <name>            search mycroft-skills for match for <name>
  info <name>              shows information about the skill matching <name>
  info <repo>              shows information about the skill in the specified repo

  <repo>   full URL to a Github repo
  <name>   one or more substrings to match against submodule names
           in the repo

  msm search twitter
  msm search date-time-skill
  msm install "daily meditation"
  msm remove "daily meditation"
  msm install

For instance to see information on a Skill, type:

msm info mycroft-mark-1

To list all available Skills, type:

msm list

This will show available Skills, and indicate which ones you have installed:

skill-australian-news [installed]

Search is very handy functionality if you're looking for a particular Skill:

pi@mark_1:/opt/mycroft/skills $ msm search twitter
Possible match: twitter-skill

msm error codes

If msm encounters an error during installation, deletion or searching for a Skill, an error code and error message will be shown on screen. This table is a quick reference guide to help you troubleshoot any errors msm displays.

Error code Meaning How to resolve it
5 ERROR: Missing virtualwrapper, cowardly refusing to install skills Virtualwrapper is a set of extensions to the virtualenv tool. Mycroft uses virtualenv extensively to manage Python package dependencies. This error indicates that virtualwrapper isn't installed or couldn't be found. First, try workon mycroft Then try your command. If this doesn't work, use pip install virtualwrapper Then try your command again.
20 Skill already installed. Perhaps you meant to use update? You tried to install a Skill that was already installed. You may have wanted to update the Skill instead.
101 ERROR: Unable to find/access ${mycroft_skill_folder}! By default, the Skills are stored on every Device (Picroft, Mycroft for Linux etc) at the path /opt/mycroft/skills. MSM cannot access this directory. Check that the directory exists, and that it has appropriate permissions. This directory should have permissions mycroft:mycroft (mycroft owner, mycroft group)
102 ERROR: Unable to access directory ${name}! Trying to access a Skill directory that either does not exist, or which the mycroft user does not have permission to traverse. If you are developing a Skill, make sure the path to any directories (for instance to resources like mp3 files) is correct. Check that the permissions on the directory allow the mycroft user to traverse it.
111 Mycroft was unable to curl the file Check your internet connection and try again.
112 Mycroft was unable to wget the file Check your internet connection and try again.
120 ERROR: Unable to activate 'mycroft' virtualenv, requirements not installed. Mycroft uses a virtual environment to manage Python dependencies. If you see this error, the virtual environment is not installed, or is in error. Reinstall your virtual environment, using this documentation
121 Unable to install requirements for skill ${name} Each Skill is able to define pre-requisite software that has to be installed - requirements - in the files requirements.txt in the Skill directory. This error indicates that the requirements could not be installed. Dependencies in requirements.txt use pip, whereas dependencies in use bash. Identify why the requirements could not be installed, and if necessary, install them manually.
122 Running failed! When a Skill is installed it will execute to do advanced setup operations. Attempting to run this shell script failed. Check the script and attempt to execute it manually.
123 ERROR: Unable to chown install directory ${name}! MSM is trying to change ownership of the Skill directory, but cannot. Check that the parent directory, /opt/mycroft/skills, is set so the user running Mycroft (mycroft on a Mark 1 or Picroft) is the owner of the directory.
201 Multiple matches for ${str}, be more specific. Upon attempted installation of the Skill, there were multiple matches for the Skill. Please be more specific when attempting to install Skills.
202 ${str} skill was not found Upon attempted installation of the Skill, the skill name given could not be found. Ensure you have the spelling of the Skill correct, or try installing another Skill.
249 Failed to remove ${name} Upon attempted deletion of the Skill, the Skill's directory could not be removed. Please check the permissions on your /opt/mycroft/skills directory, and ensure the permissions are 775 mycroft:mycroft.
251 Multiple matches for ${str}, be more specific. There are multiple matches for the Skill you tried to remove. Please be more specific when attempting to remove Skills.
252 ${str} was not found in the mycroft-skills repo The Skill you tried to remove was not found in the mycroft-skills repo. Ensure you have the spelling of the Skill correct, or try removing another Skill.

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