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Mycroft Skills Manager - msm

What is Mycroft Skills Manager - msm?

Mycroft Skills Manager - msm-  is a command line tool used to add, manage and remove Skills on any Mycroft installation. It can install any Skill listed on the Mycroft Skills Repository. msm is a handy tool for Developers and those who may frequently reconfigure, install and uninstall Skills.

Using Mycroft Skills Manager - msm

To bring up a list of all available msm commands, SSH into your Device and then type msm -h:

$ msm -h
msm: Mycroft Skill Manager
usage: msm [option] [repo | name]

  default                  installs the default skills, updates all others
  install <repo>           installs from the specified github repo
  install <name> [name...] installs the mycroft-skill matching <name>
  remove <name> [name...]  removes the specified github repo
  list                     list all mycroft-skills
  update                   update all installed skills
  search <name>            search mycroft-skills for match for <name>
  info <name>              shows information about the skill matching <name>
  info <repo>              shows information about the skill in the specified repo

  <repo>   full URL to a Github repo
  <name>   one or more substrings to match against submodule names
           in the repo

  msm search twitter
  msm search date-time-skill
  msm install "daily meditation"
  msm remove "daily meditation"
  msm install

For instance to see information on a Skill, type:

msm info mycroft-mark-1

To list all available Skills, type:

msm list

This will show available Skills, and indicate which ones you have installed:

skill-australian-news [installed]

Search is very handy functionality if you're looking for a particular Skill:

pi@mark_1:/opt/mycroft/skills $ msm search twitter
Possible match: twitter-skill

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