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Basic commands to get started with your Mycroft

Now that your Mycroft is now Paired with, you can begin issuing commands. Try these to get started.

Default Skills installed with Mycroft


Hey Mycroft, set an alarm for two hours
Hey Mycroft, set an alarm for 3pm

Audio record

Hey Mycroft, record


Hey Mycroft, configuration update


Hey Mycroft, what is Frankenstein?
Hey Mycroft, who is Kathryn Johnson?

Hello World

Hey Mycroft, how are you?

IP address

Hey Mycroft, what is your IP address?


Hey Mycroft, tell me a joke!


Hey Mycroft, go to sleep

News from NPR

Hey Mycroft, news


Hey Mycroft, pair my Device


Hey Mycroft, what are you


Hey Mycroft, remind me to turn off the oven in 5 minutes

Support information

Create a support ticket
You’re not working!
Send me debug info

Version checker

Hey Mycroft, check version


Hey Mycroft, increase volume
Hey Mycroft, decrease volume


Hey Mycroft, what is the weather?


Hey Mycroft, tell me about artificial intelligence
Hey Mycroft, tell me about Grace Hopper

Installing new Skills

To install new Skills onto Mycroft, speak:

install [skillname]

For example:

install coinflip
install easter eggs
install home assistant

More information on Skills

For more information on Skills, please see the Skills section

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