How can I help?

Mycroft is a collaborative project and we want your help to shape it!
There are many ways you can contribute depending on your skills, interests, and availability.

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Open Data
Test Skills
Write Code

Improve the Open Dataset

If you can speak or listen, you can help! The Mycroft Open Dataset pools user-donated data, which get annotated and are used for improving voice technology such as Precise and Mozilla’s DeepSpeech.

Opt-in to the Open Dataset

If you have a device, you can join the Open Dataset. Donating your data is completely voluntary, but if you Opt-In you are helping to improve Mycroft every time you talk to your device.

Opt in

Tag Existing Data

You can help with or without a device. Validating data improves how well Mycroft works and understands. You can improve how Mycroft responds by tagging samples in our Precise Wake Word Trainer.

Train Mycroft

Currently down for maintenance.

Improve Pronunciation

If Mycroft doesn’t pronounce a word correctly, you can improve our voice engine Mimic by suggesting a better way to say it.

Make a suggestion

Common Voice

We are working with Mozilla to build DeepSpeech, an open speech-to-text technology that can understand your voice. Donate your own voice samples, or validate what other people have said anytime you have a couple of minutes free, wherever you are.

Support Common Voice

Create a New Voice

Using our Mimic Recording Studio, you can create a new voice for Mycroft. The recording involves reading given sentences.

It takes around 40–80 hours and can be done in parts at your own pace.

Record your voice

Support the Community

We can achieve more as a community than we can as individuals.

Answer a Question

Use your knowledge and help someone out in our Chat and in the Forum.

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Write a Blog Post

Publish it on your site and share it with the Mycroft Community, or write a Community blog post for the Mycroft Blog.

Learn more

Become a Supporter

Support Mycroft for the price of a coffee each month. Being a supporter has a direct positive effect on the improvements of the technology.

Support Privacy

Share Mycroft

The more people know about Mycroft, the bigger the Community, which translates into more contributors and more improvements to the technology.

  • Follow and share on social media
  • Run a session at your local meetup
  • Update external news and information sources like Wikipedia and Reddit

Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation explains the installation, functionality, development for Mycroft and all its components. Help us improve our documentation by suggesting changes to existing pages, or adding new content on the Github repository.

Doc it up

Make a Video Tutorial

Documentation is useful, but nothing beats watching someone walk through how they made something. Create a video to show off your Skill’s functionality or your experience working with Mycroft in your project.

Looking for inspiration? Check out YouTube to see what others have made.

Mycroft on Youtube

Suggest and Test Skills

Help bring a new Skill to life.

Suggest a Skill

Using a template, write a design brief – sort of like a recipe – for a new Skill.

Suggest Here

Pre-release Skill testing

Testing and feedback during the development of new Skills help improve their quality and ensure they are ready for a broader audience.

Test a skill

Skills Acceptance Process

All Skills are reviewed, vetted and approved by a group of community volunteers as part of our formal acceptance process. This self-governance maintains the quality and security of the Marketplace while keeping the community’s needs first.

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Write Code

Code is behind everything Mycroft does. Expand what Mycroft can do by writing your own skill, or contribute to the development of the core technologies that power Mycroft.

Create a Skill

Skills for Mycroft are like apps for your phone. They are programs written in Python 3 that do a specific job, like telling you the weather. If you are new to programming or just to Python, there are so many resources to get you started, and you can always ask questions in the Community Chat.

Learn How

Fix a Bug

No need to build a new Skill from scratch! Making existing Skills work great is just as important.

Squash bugs

Log in to GitHub to see what needs attention.

Improve a Skill

A group of Community members has created the United Skill Writers Team to help maintain and improve Skills. If you are keen to help, join their Chat channel.

Join the Team

Translate to New Languages

Localize Mycroft into your language and make it accessible to a wider group of people. Mycroft has been built in English, but support for other languages is baked in.

Join a language channel in Chat

If you speak a language other than English, join one of our language-specific channels to connect with others near you who speak: عربى Arabic, ?? Danish, ?? Dutch, ?? French, ?? German, ?? Italian, ?? Polish, ?? Portuguese, ?? Romanian, ?? Russian, and ?? Spanish. Be sure to let us know if we should start another channel.

Translate Skills

Our Translate platform enables the Community to help translate Skills into other languages. Having Skills available in multiple languages is a key part in bringing our open source voice assistant to a global audience.


Add new languages

If you are a multilingual programmer, we need your help to extend Lingua Franca, our multilingual language parsing and formatting library. This is what allows Mycroft to both understand and respond with naturally expressed dates, numbers and times. Currently supported languages include English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, and Swedish. There is also active progress being made on Danish, Dutch, and Spanish.

Check out the code

Hack and Test Hardware

Mycroft can run on a desktop computer, but many of its incarnations use a Raspberry Pi-based device. Help the Community figure out what works well and what doesn’t.

Test New Peripherals

Review microphones and speakers, and share your findings with others using text or video.

Share in the Forum

Design New Enclosures

Package the internal hardware into new form factors and share your designs with the Community.

Share in the Forum