Contributor License Agreement


Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Mycroft Project!  We appreciate your support. To protect you, the project, and those who choose to use Mycroft technologies in systems they build, we ask all contributors to sign a Contributor License Agreement.

This agreement clarifies that you are granting a license to the Mycroft Project to freely use your work.  Additionally, it establishes that you retain the ownership of your contributed code and intellectual property.  As the owner, you are free to use your code in other work, obtain patents, or do anything else you choose with it.

In order to provide you with a proper agreement, we need to know whether you are submitting code as an individual or while representing an employer.  If you contribute to this project as part of your employment, your employer will need to grant permission for your work to be submitted.

For legal purposes, we need to know your real name and contact information.  This agreement form allows you to choose whether your name shall be shared publicly as a contributor. If not, we will only refer to you by your Github account name.

Again, thank you for helping build AI for Everyone!

— The Mycroft Team

Type of contributor:

Individual Contributor Working through an Employer