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What’s New – 4/12/2017

By April 12, 2017 No Comments
What's new

The last several weeks have been a little crazier than normal in the Mycroft world.  I’ll talk about what’s going on then catch you up with changes in the latest release.

Road Trip!

The Mycroft development team has been on a road trip the last few weeks.  As of last week, we have all arrived in Portland and are working in the same room for the first time ever!  This involved traveling from as far away as Brazil and we think it will be worth it.  We will be together for a little over a month, and I expect the relationships we are building will speed up our development even after we return to our homes in May.


This week’s changes

mycroft-core 0.8.8

  • New Features
    • Added “expect_response” flag when speaking. This is a step towards dialog interaction where no wake-up word will have to be spoken. PR #576
    • Audio from text to speech (TTS) is now cached, avoid unnecessary calls to Mimic. PR #599
    • Wolfram Alpha skill now only attempts to handle missed intents that look like questions (Who/what/when/etc). PR #601
  • Internationalization Support
    • Implemented skill language testing so only skills that support current language will be loaded. PR #622
    • Added localization support for the Sleep/Wake Up mechanism. PR #575
  • Build process
    • Updated build instructions for Arch and Fedora. PR #584
    • Updated to use Mimic PR #582
    • Fixed debian build problem. PR #617
    • Missing dependency was causing compile errors on Fedora. PR #573
    • Mimic updates wouldn’t overwrite existing installation in PR #580
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed volume increase/decrease, broken by Skill:Intent namespacing. PR #619
    • Commands issued using subprocess.Popen() were remaining open in background. PR #572
    • Excessive CPU usage due to testing for wake-up word on every chuck received. PR #578
    • Wake-up word was requiring double silence duration at end. PR #586
    • The skill installer skill wasn’t catching exit code properly. PR #631 backend

  • Implementing automated health-checks, incorporating them into a Nagios infrastructure monitoring system.
  • Added “Picroft” as a device type.
  • Various minor styling changes