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What’s New — 02/22/2017

By February 22, 2017 No Comments
What's new

We are starting a new regular entry here.  Every week I’ll post a “What’s New” with the latest developments in the Mycroft software world.  This week I’ll catch up a little with the previous week of interesting developments, too…

This week

KDE Desktop

  • We began working with KDE Desktop development team to make Mycroft a part of their Plasma environment!  Read more about it here tomorrow.

mycroft-core 0.8.4/0.8.5

NOTE:  0.8.5 was only a minor release to correct an error that occurred while producing packaging

  • Added configuration setting for command line used to play WAV and MP3 audio.  PR #514
  • BUGFIX:  For Picroft, used the above setting to specify the hardware device used by ‘aplay’.  This fixes an ALSA/PulseAudio issue which would lockup for 30 seconds fairly regularly when playing back a WAV (such as when Mycroft speaks).  PR #5 (enclosure-picroft)
  • More verbose Skill service logging, such as where Skills are being loaded from and what intents are registered.  PR #513
  • A wake word detected sound has been added for better interaction.  Thanks to contributor “tmajibon” for getting this going! PR #472
  • Added resource mechanism for customizing sounds, such as the wake word ding.  PR #504
  • When pairing a device it could be difficult to understand the spoken code. Added a NATO-inspired phonetic spelling, such as “C as in Charlie”.  PR #502
  • Load data files for skills automatically when loading the skill. Skills no longer need to call self.load_data_files(dirname(file)) PR #499
  • The Adapt intent parser version used has been upgraded to 0.3.0.  Major changes include a ContextManager for intent parsing.  PR #496, see also Adapt PR #46

  • BUGFIX:  Github login was often failing due to a change in the github API

Last week

mycroft-core 0.8.3

  • Weather and Time Skills now using location information as entered for device on  The timezone is automatically derived from the locations.  PR #492
  • CLI interface made more friendly.  Now shows output as text as well as playing the audio.  PR #494 website

  • All new website!  This is a complete refresh from the ground up.