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We’re Hiring! – Jobs at Mycroft

By November 19, 2018 No Comments
Work at Mycroft to make AI for Everyone!

Mycroft is Hiring!

Yes, Mycroft has open positions throughout the business. From development to marketing, we’ve got roles for you! We’re still adding positions, too! So keep an eye on the Careers Page for your perfect role!

Careers Page

We’re also on a mission for equality and diversity, so we’re committing to a blind first round of the application process. There is a form to fill out for each job description that will give us what we need while limiting mentions of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability. You’ll need to create an anonymized resume without your name or any of these identifiers (that includes not naming your pdf Firstname Lastname Resume.pdf). We always want the best talent at Mycroft without stigma or prejudice, so if you miss a bit or include something we’re avoiding, we’ll let you know and ask you to submit again.

Check out the Open Positions

Machine Learning Engineer

At Mycroft, we bridge the gap between data collection and personal data protection when building our AI. If you enjoy tackling tough problems on the cutting edge of Machine Learning, this is the role for you. You’ll build and improve models for Speech Synthesis, Audio Keyword Spotting, Natural Language Understanding, Conversational Engine, and more!

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UX Designer

Being the open leader in voice means Mycroft has the ability to set standards for the industry. As a UX designer, you’ll contribute to our core Voice User Interface (VUI) by contributing to roadmaps, job stories and example dialogs, defining the addition of visual additions to voice interaction, researching new features, testing skills, and incorporating community feedback into the product.

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Front End Developer

Mycroft is moving to Angular for its web presence and needs a talented front end developer to accelerate our transition. If you know how to go from wireframe to responsive webpage, this is your role! You’ll also contribute to the overall user experience, and how the business teams get metrics driven feedback on the software and community.

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With great services come great infrastructure and we need a DevOps Engineer to make our systems world class! If you can own your infrastructure, maintain CI/CD pipelines, monitor and resolve issues, and automate it all for the future, we want you at Mycroft.

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Skill Developer

Skills are the bread and butter of Mycroft and it’s time we expand Mycroft’s skill set in both quality and quantity. We’re looking for inquizitive, end-user focused developers who can build new skills and refine existing ones. You’ll also have the opportunity to help the community by evolving the skill system and showing them what’s possible with Mycroft.

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Hardware Lead – Engineering

Mycroft began with the Mark I Kickstarter and grew considerably thanks to the Mark II Kickstarter. Hardware will remain a core aspect of Mycroft and we need an experienced engineer who can both produce and review technical documents in either Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, and manage product BOMs and vendor relations. We’re building for big distribution, see your work on shelves worldwide!

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Community Success Specialist

Open Source software isn’t much without a Community around it. We need an experienced Open Source Community Specialist to support, encourage, and engage the Mycroft Community. Use your background as a developer and your love for talking to and helping people to build programs to engage the community, provide frontline support, and continuously improve the touch points between Mycroft and the Community.

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Director of Marketing

Have you run marketing for your own startup or organization – mastering social, CPC, content, and influencer marketing? We’re looking for a Director of Marketing who’s ready to plan, manage, review, and iterate on our marketing efforts. You’ll run the channels you’re most effective in and plan and manage the others with a small team that you’ll grow.

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