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The Site is Live!

By July 27, 2015 No Comments

Our site is live! That’s right folks, we’re getting close to our Kickstarter and in preparation we’ve been working hard to get our website online so that friends and fans can keep up with our progress as we continue on our path to creating an A.I. for Everyone! So far the support and interest from people outside of our effort has been amazing! We’ve heard so many great things and got a lot of awesome feedback during Mycroft’s field trips.

For instance, Mycroft made a trip to the Maker Faire in Kansas City recently where our team asked visitors to our booth what they would use an artificial intelligence for. We got a lot of interesting responses, and had them write it on a big banner. A bunch of funny and neat ideas came out of it as a result!

Another trip Mycroft made was over the 4th of July weekend with me (Ryan) to family gatherings where techie relatives provided ideas for different modules that could be made for Mycroft. This really got me thinking about how best we could create an easy and usable API that anyone can use to make Mycroft do what they want.

Anyway, that’s a sneak peak as to what we’ve been up to. We will continue to update everyone via our blog (the thing you are reading right now). So stay tuned!