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Techstars Week Two and Stereo Lithography

By March 7, 2016 No Comments
3d printing

We have pulled in some members of the Community in order to test Mycroft before the public release in April. These individuals are helping to squash bugs and work on skills. They include: Nicholas Peterson (LongBoolean) and Forslund, maintainers of our Mimic project. Nathan Dyer, developer of Vocal, a podcasting app, and Birdie, a Twitter client – both for Elementary OS. Matt Scholefield (Wolfgange3311999), a open source developer who has worked on open source games and apps for Solus. Manuel Kehl (mank319), the developer of the Go-For-It app. Daniel Fore (danrabbit), a founder of the Elementary OS project.

We are very grateful to have their support at this time and look forward to bringing in even more community members as we prepare for our release. Head over to our community page if you would like to get involved in any of the projects, or just to chat with others about Mycroft.

Week two at the Sprint Accelerator powered by Techstars has ended. This was our first week of mentor madness, a type of speed dating for matching companies with mentors, and our heads are spinning. They call this mentor whiplash. There is so much information coming at us that we can’t keep up. What a good problem to have!

The hardware team was excited to receive our new stereo lithography printer (SLA) by Formlabs this week. The team wasted no time in setting it to print the cases for the early bird hardware development kits. We are still on track for an early April shipment. If you are in that early bird group you should get an email from us soon requesting shipping information.

Many of you may have noticed a countdown clock on the homepage. We have an exciting project to announce on the 14th.