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Wake Word Archives - Mycroft

Mycroft wake word accuracy is getting improved every day
June 12, 2019

Hey Mycroft, Listen to Me!

I’ve been at Mycroft for 24 months now, and one of my major challenges is that my wife hardly uses our Mark I at home. I am passionate about Mycroft,…
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Refugee tagging for Mycroft Precise
About MycroftNews
May 14, 2018

Using Precise to Help Refugees | Mycroft Partners with WorkAround

Mycroft is partnering with WorkAround -- a microwork platform that provides employment and a living wage to refugees and displaced persons -- for the tagging of Precise wake word samples. When…
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April 2, 2018

Help us improve Wake Word precision: Introducing Precise Tagger

In November 2017, we introduced Precise - a Wake Word listener to replace the PocketSphinx engine. Precise was recently promoted to be the default Wake Word listener for all Mycroft…
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What's New with Mycroft
Release NotesTechnical
November 14, 2017

Release Notes 0.9.5 | Introducing Precise

V0.9.5 is here - and we're rolling out Precise. Precise wake word engine #1199, #1207 New machine-learning based wake word listener. This system includes a feedback loop, allowing user-contributed information to be…
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