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Guest author Jason Cottrell discusses voice in the workplace
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February 6, 2019

Guest Blog – Why Voice User Interfaces Will Revolutionize the Workplace

Creating user-centered designs and building seamless user experiences is not a novel or revolutionary idea. But it is best practice. Voice user interfaces are poised to be the most user-friendly,…
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While Google has made a great step forward for the voice assistant industry, Mycroft continues to ask who will have agency over your assistant - you or Big Tech?
Thought Leadership
May 9, 2018

Congratulations to Google Duplex! What’s Next?

Our goal here at Mycroft is simple to state but difficult to execute. We are building an artificial intelligence that runs anywhere and interacts exactly like a person. Our goal…
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Thought Leadership
February 13, 2018

Usability vs. Privacy—Keeping Things in Balance

If you look at my background you'll see that I've been an advocate for an open and accessible Internet for a long time.  When I founded Lawrence Freenet the idea…
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February 1, 2018

Compare Mycroft’s available voices

Not sure what voices Mycroft has available? Use this handy table to compare and choose the voice that's right for you.
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