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Ubuntu Phone Emulator being used for Mycroft Development.Blog

Linux Desktop and Phone Integration

During our Kickstarter campaign we pledged that if we reached out stretch goal of $125,000 we would be implementing Linux Desktop and Phone integration into the Mycroft project. We have…
Ryan Sipes
October 27, 2015
referral contest winnersBlog

Mycroft Referral Contest Winners!

As many of you reading this might remember, the Ubuntu community teamed up with the Mycroft team during our Kickstarter to run a referral contest. The contest centered around folks…
Ryan Sipes
September 25, 2015

Powered by Snappy Core Ubuntu

With Mycroft we want to innovate and push the boundaries of what people think is possible with an open source solution. We are challenging the idea that only large companies…
Ryan Sipes
August 13, 2015