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production Archives - Mycroft

August 8, 2018

Mark II Update: PCB Prototypes

The Mycroft Mark II PCB Prototypes have been printed and are in our hardware partner's hands for bringup and software testing.
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Mycroft AI speakers for Mark I and Mark II devices
May 1, 2018

Mark II Update: Choosing a Contract Manufacturer

At Mycroft AI, we have many strengths. We engage well with our community, release software frequently, and we’re getting better at the quality of the software with our recent automated…
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March 27, 2018

Kickstarter Backers: Now What?

The Kickstarter is over. If you backed a perk with an April delivery you may be wondering, now what?   Well, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get…
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mycroft voice recognition
July 5, 2017

Open Source & Honest Answers, A Preface to Our Hardware Device

Mark's Advanced Prototype Nature This morning we found a video of Mark 1 interacting with none other than the actual voice of Mark, Alan. The video highlighted something the Mycroft Team knows…
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mycroft production
June 27, 2017

Mark 1 Production Update, Handcrafted in the Midwest

Mark 1 Assembly and Shipping It's all hands on deck at our production site. Each member of the Mycroft team has stepped away from their normal roles, and put on…
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