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premium services
April 28, 2016

Mycroft Core Release and Premium Services

Mycroft Core will be released soon.  As part of Mycroft Core we are providing users with access to external APIs, STT solutions and centralized data management. After the fiasco at…
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April 15, 2016

Open Up: How open source platforms can ensure your IoT devices have a future

After the acquisition of Revolv in 2014 Google stopped selling Revolv's popular IoT hub.  The cloud service behind the popular device worked for another 18 months, then this past month…
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adapt by mycroft
January 12, 2016

First Open Source Intent Parser, Adapt, Released by Mycroft A.I.

The Mycroft team has been quite busy the last couple of weeks. We released a new video, open sourced a project at Mycroft's core, made incredible progress on the Mycroft…
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making artificial intelligence accessible
December 27, 2015

Making Artificial Intelligence Accessible

A general artificial intelligence will need tens of thousands of skills. The Mycroft team is working to develop a platform that makes it possible for general computer users to develop…
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Mycroft with a BB8 Body
December 21, 2015

Weekly Update: Open Source AI, New Advisor, and Updated Panel

Star Wars Episode VII is out this week.  Here at Mycroft we were intrigued by the possibility of integrating Mycroft's natural language processing with BB-8's unique mobility.  The result?  A Mycroft BB-8 hybrid concept drawing.  Looks…
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