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mark II


Mark II Update – July 2021

Mark II Production Update Mycroft is steadily moving toward mass production of the Mark II.  The first step in our journey is selecting a contract manufacturer (CM).  Mycroft has decided…
Duane Guenard
July 19, 2021
Mycroft Mark II UpdateBlog

Mark II Update – June 2021

Production Manufacturing We have made good progress evaluating potential contract manufacturers (CM).   We are down to two.  We feel both of them are very good, and are close to…
Duane Guenard
June 22, 2021

Hey Mycroft, take a selfie

Lights, Camera, Action! This month we enabled camera support in the Mark II OS and released our first Camera Skill thanks to @AIIX, so developers using a Dev Kit can…
Kris Gesling
April 15, 2021
Mycroft Mark II UpdateBlog

Mark II Update – March 2021

Dev Kit deliveries The Dev Kits have been shipped to backers. There were a small handful of addresses that the delivery company could not validate so we are reaching out…
Michael Lewis
April 6, 2021