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developer relations Archives - Mycroft

August 15, 2018

18.08b – What you need to know as a Community Developer

Skill Authors - what does 18.08 mean for you? The Mycroft Core 18.08 beta release is only a few short weeks away. We got your input on what you’d like…
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Skill Branching
May 2, 2018

Skill Branching – What you need to know as a Community Developer

Are you a Community Developer? Have you previously written Skills for the Mycroft ecosystem? Are you considering writing Skills? Then you should read this blog post to understand a fundamental…
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December 13, 2017

Rocking the docs: improving Mycroft’s documentation

Imagine you've just joined a new technology company, and one of the first tasks you're assigned is to improve and centralize the organization's developer-facing documentation. There's just one catch! That…
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What's New with Mycroft
December 12, 2017

Release Notes v0.9.8 | Skill Creators Rejoice

Skill creators rejoice Release v0.9.8 is loaded with skill creation tools. Bettering the lives of Developers and Users alike. You can find the source code, as always, in our Github.…
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Director of Developer Relations Mycroft AI
About MycroftTeam
September 19, 2017

Mycroft's New Director of Developer Relations | Kathy Reid

Introducing Kathy! Mycroft.AI Goes Down Under for our New Developer Relations Role.  We're delighted to announce the hiring of an Aussie open source leader, Kathy Reid, to the role of…
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