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It was a journey taking Mark I from idea to sketch to product.
About Mycroft
June 13, 2018

History of Mycroft: the Making of Mycroft Part 1

In part two of our Mycroft History recap, read about the journey from launch to delivery of our first Kickstarter, our first two Accelerators, and the developments we made along…
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The Mark I Kickstarter was the impetus of our open voice assistant
About Mycroft
May 31, 2018

History of Mycroft: Origin Story

Many of you have joined us recently and may not know about the origin story of Mycroft. Or, maybe you've been with us for years and would appreciate a trivia…
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Exploring community questions and more research in blockchain's abilities for Mycroft
May 16, 2018

Blockchain for Mycroft: Following Up on our Crypto Token Discussion

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post where I explored the idea of building a decentralized back-end for Mycroft using blockchain technology. Since then we’ve had a number…
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April 25, 2018

Crowdfunding Update: Stickers, Coins, and Mark I’s

We’ve got an update for our Kickstarter and early Indiegogo backers! If you’re a Super Backer or Challenge Coin Backer and you have completed your survey from CrowdOx, your perks…
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