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March 1, 2019

Closed Platform Deprecation – Beware the Google Graveyard

In 2005 I set out to build my dream internet service provider (ISP). I wanted to provide a service that had ultra-fast connectivity, reflective speeds (the same speed up/down), no…
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Mycroft AI and neutrality
Thought Leadership
December 7, 2017

Tech Giant Feud Heats Up | Consumers Left Out in The Cold

Heard the drama yet? A sizeable chunk of consumers are getting caught in the middle, being deprived of products and services because the tech giants are fighting to claim their…
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White Noise Contest
August 30, 2017

White Noise Contest | Win a Free Mark 1!

Want to win a free mark 1? Enter into our White Noise Contest! There’s nothing better than letting Mycroft lull you to sleep, or cancel out other noisy distractions. The…
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