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Mozilla art and advocacy
CommunityThought Leadership
June 14, 2018

Putting the art into artificial intelligence

Mozilla, with several other philanthropic organizations, are funding works of art and advocacy that explore the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on society.
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It was a journey taking Mark I from idea to sketch to product.
About Mycroft
June 13, 2018

History of Mycroft: the Making of Mycroft Part 1

In part two of our Mycroft History recap, read about the journey from launch to delivery of our first Kickstarter, our first two Accelerators, and the developments we made along…
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The Mark I Kickstarter was the impetus of our open voice assistant
About Mycroft
May 31, 2018

History of Mycroft: Origin Story

Many of you have joined us recently and may not know about the origin story of Mycroft. Or, maybe you've been with us for years and would appreciate a trivia…
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Mycroft AI and neutrality
Thought Leadership
December 7, 2017

Tech Giant Feud Heats Up | Consumers Left Out in The Cold

Heard the drama yet? A sizeable chunk of consumers are getting caught in the middle, being deprived of products and services because the tech giants are fighting to claim their…
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Data and AI track winner Mycroft AI
November 8, 2017

Mycroft wins the data and AI track at Hello Tomorrow

Mycroft placed in the top ten out of 3,000 applicants in the Global Startup Challenge hosted by Hello Tomorrow. Taking home the €15,000 prize in the Data & AI Track, Hello…
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the power of voice
Thought Leadership
October 25, 2017

How will AI voice assistants affect our homes, businesses, and our privacy?

The market for intelligent virtual assistants is projected to reach a near $16 billion by 2021. This entails a 43.64% compounded annual growth rate. This growth is driven by a…
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