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Startup with a Moral Compass Looking for a Legal Champion

By July 26, 2021 No Comments

Mycroft AI, Inc. is growing. With a successful Reg D raise and dev kits shipping we have reached our early 2021 goals. Next steps include raising millions in a Reg CF, hiring a swath of new software engineers, and going to mass production on the Mark II.

As we step toward this new horizon we have decided it is time for the next big employment step: hiring corporate counsel. We are looking for a Full-Time long-term in-house Corporate Counsel to lead and coordinate the five actively ongoing patent-abuse related cases, and to manage our day-to-day legal corporate, compliance and investor paperwork. 

Mycroft AI is the only Open Source Voice Assistant on the market. We are building technologies that deliver a high quality voice experience without Big Brother. We don’t sell your data. We don’t create algorithms, tell other websites what to sell you and then take a cut of that. We don’t guess your diaper needs based on the whispered fact that you might be pregnant. Not only do we not do those things, we are repulsed by them.

We are looking for someone who believes in our mission and will add their own passion to it.

Please pass this on to your lawyer friends who want a competitive base salary, generous stock option package with four-year vesting, medical, dental and vision benefits, flexible PTO and an office in the most beautiful place on earth. Focus on the ones who want to make a huge impact on how the world views smart speakers.