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Shipping Advance Prototype

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Mycroft Mark 1 units will begin shipping in batches on Monday, May 22!

We aim to complete our initial wave of shipments by June 30, yet this schedule is contingent on an entire supply chain, so there may be some delay beyond this goal.

This first version of Mark 1 is an advance prototype, perfectly suitable for developers or enthusiasts, yet it is not ready for the consumer market.

Anyone who expects a fully polished retail level experience should retain their device until February 15, 2018, with the introductory production version of Mycroft Core 18.02.

We have been working for over two years to bring this world an open voice assistant. Our ultimate goal is to have Mycroft powered AI able to run everywhere with abilities matching the level of a human being. To achieve this vision, we are actively building an international community of developers, designers, makers, and partners.

1000+ Developers

To begin building this community and fund our initial phase of operations, we went to Kickstarter.

Thanks to more than a thousand visionary backers, we raised more than $192,000 in critical funding! Today, I’m proud to be looking at a stack of advance prototypes ready to put in boxes.

Mycroft Mark 1 pyramidWe have already made huge leaps for the open source community in areas such as lightweight intent parsing (thanks Sean Fitzgerald), keyword recognition, skills management, and speech synthesis. Many of the skills we originally had promised have been built. News, weather, Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha, and many other services have already been incorporated into Mycroft.

We still have a long way to go! We are currently working on the IFTTT skill, Pandora functionality, and Netflix integration. We are also currently working to improve the overall voice interaction, making it easier for users to manage skills and settings.

→ See current list of skills (bottom half of the page)

We are excited to be entering our next phase of development. With 1,250 backers receiving units, we are preparing for an explosion of new creativity and connections.

Thanks so much for your support!

We are looking forward to seeing what you do with Mycroft.