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Release Notes v0.9.9 & v0.9.10 | Mark I Boot Sequence

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What's New with Mycroft

Visual Cues during Mark 1 Boot Sequence (#1308)

The Main focus of this release was creating visual feedback during the Mark 1 boot
sequence. The eyes and faceplate now provide indicators of the stage of the system–so when you see any of the following, here’s what’s going on:

  • Spinning gray eyes
    Indicate the system just started, Arduino running and Pi booting
  • Solid gray eyes
    Pi booted
  • (Optional) Orange eyes, update message on faceplate
    Flashing new sketch to the Arduino
  • Yellow eyes
    Mycroft starting, waiting on internet connection
  • Yellow eyes, update message on faceplate
    Updating software from the web
  • Blue eyes (or user selected color)
    Mycroft is ready for use!

Additionally, the gray eye color and an update message will return during system upgrades.

Command Line Interface (CLI) (#1299)

Two new minor features for the mycroft-cli-client:

  • Ctrl+Right and Ctrl+L allow scrolling through the command line history
  • New ‘:clear log’ command cleans out the old log message from the display


  • Values in the settings.json were overwritten if skills initialize self.settings[‘key’] in init (#1304)
  • Bad settingsmeta.json prevented skill from loading and showed a convoluted error. Now a useful message is logged with the JSON error message and the skill continues to load. (#1300)
  • Add missing ‘self.’ in an obscure corner of the Enclosure code. Thanks JarbasAI! (#1302)
  • The MycroftSkill.translate*() functions were not correctly rendering mustache values with ‘double mustaches’, such as “This a a {{value}}” (#1303)
  • Fix Unicode issues in Portugese version of extract_datetime() utility. (#1301)
  • Missing space in shell script prevented creation of a directory when switching to Github install in mycroft-use.sh utility (#1298)


Minor release

We also added another minor release, v0.9.10.

New text parsing util fuzzy_matching #1315

The function matches similar text like “orange” and “oranges” and gives a score 0-1.0.

Translate named values #1313

the MycroftSkill class now has a translate_namedvalues() method returning a dict with keys in the current language. The dict is read from a csv file in the `/xx-xx/File.values looking something like:

# List colors and their hex RGB values
alice blue, #F0F8FF
antique white, #FAEBD7
aqua, #00FFFF


  • improved standard of README generated by skiller.sh script and improve some text resources #1311
  • Fix PgUp and PgDn for VT100 #1310


Steve Penrod
Steve has been building cutting edge yet still highly usable technology for over 25 years, previously leading teams at Autodesk and the Rhythm Engineering. He now leads the development team at Mycroft as a partner and the CTO.