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Release Notes v0.9.8 | Skill Creators Rejoice

By December 12, 2017 No Comments
What's New with Mycroft

Release v0.9.8 is loaded with skill creation tools. Bettering the lives of Developers and Users alike. You can find the source code, as always, in our Github.

Get response #1278

get_response() method added to MycroftSkill. The method allows skill creators to synchronously wait for a users response inside an intent handler. The method takes a dialog reference as an argument. The referenced dialog will be spoken and listening will be triggered. The user response will be returned from the method.

    def echo(self, message):
        response =self.get_response('what.should.I.repeat')

Global skill settings #1290

Skill settings are now defaulted per user, not per device. This means instead of having multiple entries for a skill under the “Skills” tab, a single entry will be visible and used by all devices.

Skiller #1282 script updated. The script creates a standard template for building a new skill, including skill class, readme, and license.

Translate text #1288

New translate methods to help the internationalization of skills. The new methods are,translate()translate_template() and translate_list().

        body = self.translate_template('email.template', {'from': data['name']})
        self.send_email(self.translate('You have a message!'), body)

The above example will get the localized version of the email.template.dialog file, and render one of the entries as a string. The string will then be sent as the body in an e-mail message.

Unnamed intents #1280

IntentBuilder can now be used with empty names:IntentBuilder('').require('intent')... If left empty, the handler method name will be used.

Misc changes

  • Corrected test coverage #1272
  • Speech related fixes, correct isSpeaking #1283, Fix protection from intermixing utterances. #1291
  • Update CLI, minor fixes and changes to the keyboard interface. #1284
  • mycroft.awoken is now sent when speech client is awoken from sleep. #1279
  • fix status messages sent from msm to mycroft messagebus. #1275