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Release notes v0.9.7

By November 29, 2017 No Comments
What's New with Mycroft

v0.9.7 is Here.

Thanks to our team member, forslund, for rolling this out.



E-mail Send #1230

The skills API now includes a self.send_email() method, allowing the skill to send an e-mail to the user. This is practical if the skill wants to send a link to the user, or for things such as shopping lists.



Metrics #1247

The Device API now includes a metrics method, allowing skills and core to upload information to the Mycroft server should the user allow it. The method is very general purpose and can take any method as long as it can be serialized to json.

Skills developer can easily access this functionality using the self.report_metric method in the Skill API.




  • Added support for Google Cloud API SST, big thanks to @ahayworth for providing this. #1226
  • The AudioService can now add files to currently playing playlist #1197
  • Listening can now be triggered from the messagebus by sending mycroft.mic.listen#1244
  • Remove pystache dependency #1235
  • Improve lip synch #1242
  • Code cleanup and bugfixes, Many thanks to @gauravMann for cleaning up the usage of mutables as default arguments.