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Mark 1 Production Update, Handcrafted in the Midwest

By June 27, 2017 No Comments
mycroft production

Mark 1 Assembly and Shipping

It’s all hands on deck at our production site. Each member of the Mycroft team has stepped away from their normal roles, and put on their production hats. Mark 1’s are being individually crafted and packaged for our crowdfunding backers.

We’re doing everything domestically

For those of you who know manufacturing, assembly, and fulfillment, this might sound unusual. Our team wanted total control of quality and doing it here in the Midwest allowed us to perfect that process. We’ve seen a steady increase in the number of units produced in a day. With everyone in the office contributing we were able to get 500 units assembled, tested, troubleshooted and packed up in one week.

Where We’re At, and What Is To Come

Total Shipped: 511 | Remaining to ship: 694

If you’re a US backer don’t worry, your handcrafted Mark 1 will be on its way in the next few days. If you are in the international community, we’re looking to begin shipping by the end of the week. We can’t thank everyone enough for their continued patience.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Are we the type of startup that launched out of a 20-year-old’s garage, and had a slew of serendipitous connections and luck? Not quite. But we are a small team, working towards an ambitious vision. Taking Mycroft from prototype to production has been a tumultuous road. We’ve navigated it by means of leaning on our teammates, late nights, constant searches for better solutions, and reminding ourselves of our commitment to the open source community and our backers. We’ve hacked our way to a functioning production process in the back of our office, and seen Mycroft come to life in the form of Mark 1.

Cheers to the many iterations that brought us here. Cheers to those of you, who like us, have simply started something. That’s the hardest part.

Mark 1 unit production time lapse

Meet the Faces Behind This Video

Meet Darren.

Mycroft AI’s Production Manager. He has a production background at both Martin Logan and Custom Splice.

Meet Ethan.

A developer intern. When he’s not helping assemble units, he’s programming Linux packaging and developing Mycroft’s skills.

Meet Connor.

A Developer Intern. When he’s not helping out in our makerspace production, he is programming Mycroft’s display functionality.

Meet Austin.

A Developer Intern. When he isn’t working on production, he’s creating scripts to facilitate the development process.