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With Mycroft we want to innovate and push the boundaries of what people think is possible with an open source solution. We are challenging the idea that only large companies…
Ryan Sipes
August 13, 2015

Kickstarter Launch!

We've officially launched on Kickstarter and have already been featured as a Staff Pick! If you haven't visited the Kickstarter page yet - stop what you are doing and visit…
Ryan Sipes
August 11, 2015
kickstarter dayBlog

Kickstarter Day!

It's midnight, the day of the Kickstarter, and our team is so excited, it's hard to go to sleep! So much hard work has gone into making Mycroft work and…
Ryan Sipes
August 11, 2015

The Site is Live!

Our site is live! That's right folks, we're getting close to our Kickstarter and in preparation we've been working hard to get our website online so that friends and fans…
Ryan Sipes
July 27, 2015