mycroft team
April 24, 2017

Mycroft Team

Recently the Mycroft team (at least most of them) got together for a quick sprint and some team building. Building an open source artificial intelligence company that focuses on natural…
Top of main PCB
April 19, 2017

Board House Update

Keeping everyone in the loop, we just got an update today from the board house as they wrap up the main boards. Message from the production floor We are now finishing the…
arduino headers
April 11, 2017

Arduino Headers

We have received our Arduino Headers and shipped them off to the production facility. These headers allow us to connect our Arduino Pro Mini Board to our custom Main Board.…
Mycroft Headquarters
April 10, 2017

Mycroft Offices

Mycroft AI, Inc started as a business in the makerspace belonging to myself and my co-founder, Kris Adair. From there we have expanded to several locations across the United States.…