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Our mission and your privacy are one in the same

By October 14, 2021 No Comments

When Mycroft was founded, values that were made evident early on were customizability and the pursuit of a voice assistant that was open source. What came to be integral to our ethos was privacy. 

Voice is the future of how humans and computers interact. People will want to customize that experience by building and changing their “relationship” with their digital assistants. And, they will want these experiences to be private. An A & B conversation, so to speak. We don’t need our personal conversations utilized as a marketing and sales funnel.

Mycroft stumbled into the fastest growing market in the history of technology. We have $1M in pre-orders for the Mark II, a community of 65,000 developers and early adopters (growing every day), and we’re able to build a technology that embodies our values: a voice assistant that is open, customizable, and last but not least, private.