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New Mycroft Team Members!

By October 12, 2015 No Comments
new team members

Those of you following the development of Mycroft probably already know a bit about our founding team members: Josh the CEO, Ryan – CTO (me), Kris our fearless CFO, Derick the design lead, Alejandro our awesome web guy, and Zach the video wiz. We introduced our partnership with Lucid Labs which during the Kickstarter, which brings their audio expertise to the team. A little while ago we introduced you to Sean Fitzgerald, boasting experience with other personal assistant projects like Siri and the Echo. But we haven’t stopped, we continue to grow our team with awesome, talented individuals in order to ensure we create something amazing.

Jonathan D'OrleansArron Atchison











Today, we are happy to annouce that two new members have joined the team: the first is Jonathan D’Orleans, whose abilities match his picture – a jedi-like developer with a background in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Jonathan is excited about the goals of the project and is putting his background to good use to help make Mycroft smarter. Jonathan is helping develop Mycroft core (the client-side piece that users will interact with), as well as helping us put in place machine learning pieces of Mycroft so he can grow and learn as time goes on. We look forward to sharing more of Jonathan’s work in these respect as we move forward.

Our other new team member is Arron Atchison, an incredible systems administrator. Arron is helping us tame the servers on our backend and putting in place the infrastructure to power Mycroft and the community moving forward. Arron has amazing talent and a lot of fantastic ideas, we are excited to get him into the community and having conversations around the awesome technology we are using behind-the-scenes to do all the neat stuff that we do! Showing that not only is what we are doing exciting, but how we are doing it!

I’m sure this is not last post like this, and we ask that everyone stay tuned as we continue on this incredible adventure together!

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