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New Developer: Sean Fitzgerald

By September 22, 2015 No Comments
Sean Fitzgerald

We’ve added a new developer to the core team, who will be working with us to create an awesome experience in interacting with and contributing to the Mycroft software. Sean Fitzgerald is our new team member, a seasoned veteran when it comes to voice assistants – having worked on the original Siri team (being the first technical hire) and the Amazon Echo. We are excited to have his technical expertise as we work to create something as revolutionary as Mycroft. Sean is still maintaining his current job, but will be working with the team officially in a part time position to implement his ideas into the project.

Sean also maintains the Adapt Intent Parser, which will be a large part of how Mycroft determines what you want him to do. Sean brought this project over to Mycroft with him, as it was a personal project of his before joining the team. We are excited to have a passionate person who has worked on tackling the technical challenges outside of paid positions, it is this kind of interest in this technology and drive that the Mycroft team looks for in our hires – and we are glad that we found Sean. He has already been an active member of the community thus far and posted about joining us today, so if you want to talk to him head over to the community forums and say “hi”!

Sean is excited to start work on improving Mycroft, and we are excited to work with him. Stay tuned for more news on as we expand the team and continue work on the A.I. for everyone!