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Mycroft World Tour: Recapping Berlin, Paris, and Madrid

By October 12, 2018 No Comments
Mycroft is building an international community for open source voice. Read this recap of our events in Berlin, Paris, and Madrid.

It’s been a while since our last World Tour Recap, so we’re here to catch you up on our last three stops on our quest to build an international community for open source voice technology.


The Berlin event was small but we had great attendees. Community members Jens Ohlig from Wikidata and Jochen Emig from Onsei offered support and provided useful feedback. We even had a community member interested in building a community project focused on a neighborhood installation. These type of projects are challenging and rewarding at the same time.


We were very fortunate in Paris to have a community member who works at Algolia and offered their beautiful offices for the event. We do use Algolia to power the search functions across Mycroft’s web properties, though they offered their event space prior to our deploying their tech. Thanks to them for being so gracious!

In Paris, we were also able to meet an original backer from our first Kickstarter. Vincent brought his smartwatch with this retro Mycroft Mascot as well as wearing his Mycroft supporter t-shirt.


Finally, a country where we (sort of) speak the language! That came with a little guilt over the fact that we still give these presentations in English. Madrid was a well-attended event but the crowd was very quiet. After we were able to chat with a number of community members about projects they are working on. Carlos from Startup Embassy spoke to us after and we learned he was working in Palo Alto the same time we were. It really is a small world.

International community for open source voice in MadridComing Up

With Madrid events past, Lisbon is next on the agenda. International Language will be October 23 at 7:30 pm and Startup Funding will be October 24 at 7:30. Both are at Coworklisboa. Sign up if you’re in the area! Have a venue to host or group to attend a Mycroft event in Barcelona or London? Let us know!