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Mycroft Team Spring Fling

By May 26, 2017 No Comments
500 startups demo day

As a team we try to gather as many of our members as possible three to four times a year to work on team building. This time our meetup occurred during demo day for 500 Startups.

500 Startups

Demo Day for 500 Startups was May 11th and we had a marvelous time. Our team gathered in San Francisco for this event and enjoyed meeting media and investors who attended. After we spent time eating, hiking, and bonding as a team.


During demo day, two members of our team headed to OSCON to play with the Canonical team in Austin. They showcased a demo Mark 1 unit and were able to interact with members of our open source community.



After the team wrapped up with Spring Fling, Karl and our CTO, Steve went back to Portland to participate in PyCon with Intel.

Maker Faire

Our first Bay Area Maker Faire! We have participated in the local Kansas City Maker Faire for years, but this is our first time at the OG.

This was special.

We won the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Meetup!

CEO Joshua Montgomery pitched before a live audience and came in first at the Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Meetup.

A fabulous time was had by all.