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Mycroft Summer Internships

By March 29, 2018 No Comments

In the market for a summer internship? We know just the place.

We’re looking for 10 intelligent, self-driven students to join the Mycroft team this summer in Kansas City. If you’re passionate about cutting edge voice technology and a tight knit, fast-paced team, apply!


We’re looking for interns in the following areas:


Software development and devops

Python, machine learning, automated testing, infrastructure management



Animation, visual design, voice user interface design, web design (WordPress)


Marketing, business, operations

Copywriting, business analysis and reporting, supply chain and logistics


But more important than your skills or experience is your ability to be a self-starter, work hard, and navigate ambiguity. You’ll receive guidance and mentoring, but no hand-holding.


Read more about the company, internship details, and how to apply! Note that if you’re a technical applicant, we’d like to see a contribution before we review your application.