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Taking the Pain out of Presentations – A New Piece of Tech from Mycroft

By August 22, 2017 No Comments
Mycroft new feature

Our CEO touched base in San Francisco a few weeks ago to attend Singularity U. Joshua spoke about intelligent assistants, the open source community, and got to show off one of our up and coming technologies within Mycroft.

Before you watch the video, here’s some thought behind AI and why we built Mycroft and PitchPal. From a different youtube videos, Josh states, “The future of work and the future of leisure involves collaboration between a human who’s doing a creative task, and an AI that’s doing tasks that don’t require, today, human level intelligence.”

Moreover, Mycroft’s new presentation aid tool is a demonstration of this collaboration, it handles a low level task that don’t require human thought or creativity.

Wait—so is this part of Mycroft already?

Not yet, but soon.

Connor, the developer who created this tech is looking at creating a Skill that would fire it up within the Mycroft platform. It won’t be a core piece of Mycroft, but it will be an example of building a product on top of it.

Interested in this presentation aid or developing with Mycroft? Reach out to us! Join our chat community, and check out our Github.

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