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Mycroft Manufacturing and Product Update

By February 15, 2022 No Comments
Mycroft Manufacturing Blog


Greetings from the wild and wooly world of Manufacturing in 2022!  The good news is confidence is high for our commitment to start shipping no later than September 19th, 2022. We still have much to do, but the good news is that we are on track.   



This is of course a critical area, without all the parts, we cannot manufacture! We now have all but a few of the medium and high risk parts either in our inventory or on order. All are expected in time for our manufacturing date. 

For the most challenging parts, we have ordered enough inventory for at least the first few production runs. The remaining open parts are only held up as we assess a few potential improvements (camera and display).  Given the continued global supply chain challenges, parts are an obviously important area to have under control. We will still need to procure other items, such as screws, grommets, and wire cables but we do not see these as high risk. At the same time, we will not assume there is no risk.


Housing and Audio Chamber:

Working on the “design for manufacturing (DFM)” for the Mark II housing. The company that will create the molds to produce the plastic housing and audio chambers will be about a 2-3 month process.   


Radio Frequency and Safety testing:

We have engaged QAI to do our Federal Communications Commission (the FCC) required testing and United Laboratories Safety testing. These are important tests to ensure the Mark II meets government requirements for potential interference with other electronic devices. It also ensures the Mark II has no electrical safety issues. Plans to do the Preliminary Test are in March. We do not expect risk here, given our core component is the Raspberry PI that is already certified.  


Mycroft is on track to start shipping September 19th, 2022.



Dev Team working on UX of Mark II

The Development Team has brought the Mark II experience to be the best it has ever been in Mycroft’s six years. Mark II officially acts and reacts in a way that is intuitive and everything you would expect out of a digital assistant. 

Getting the Mark II experience buttoned down is an accomplishment that is best described through relativity. Michael Lewis, Mycroft’s CEO, describes the difference between the Mark II from just two months ago and today as “night and day.” Technology is eternally developing and there is always room for improvement. However, we are extremely pleased with the state of Mycroft’s current Mark II experience. 

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.


September will be here before you know it, get in line to receive your Mark II by pre-ordering one today at Mycroft.AI!