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Mycroft CEO Visits Zero Tolerance

By July 18, 2016 No Comments
mycroft ceo visits zero tolerance

Our CEO had a chance to visit Zero Tolerance, Llc – the company that is cutting the injection molds for Mycroft.

Here is a brief update from him:

When I got there they were roughing in the cavity.

They also had the mold on the mill where they are getting it ready to clamp into the CNC for further machining.

Since the FCC certification slowed us down by a few weeks anyway, we slipped the delivery of the plastics to August 7.  This saved a bit of money and reduced the time pressure on Zero Tolerance.  We should start seeing injection molded parts in the second week of August.  Really looking forward to seeing Mycroft with an enclosure made of ABS.
Special thanks to Steve Michon and his team.  They are doing a great job with this project and we’re excited to be working with them.